Saiyanfit principles



Weekly schedule. Each week's progression depends on the previous one. In other words, you set YOUR own training pace. We believe in very gradual progression avoiding sudden and brusk changes.


You may encounter many obstacles during your training, such as lack of endurance or speed, struggling on some workouts: we address it by taking in account your weaknesses, strengths, life obligations and also your personality


Injury is the public enemy #1 of runners: as a prevention, running form correction, running specific strength training routines, nutrition advice will come to complete your training regimen. Health is the priority.


Mental coaching: regular check up and discussion throughout each week. We will help you make the extra step needed to progress, the extra step needed to break out of your shell, we will help you overcome that mental barrier to go beyond yourself, and to become a Badass !


Choose your strategy


¥1,250 / Week + Tax

  • One on one coaching plan for Runners, individualized to fit each athlete's level, personality, schedule.
  • 4 weeks running schedule, progression based on the previous 4 weeks block

  • Nutrition advice, race strategy, race planning.

  • If requested, once a month video call or in person meeting.

  • Initial consultation with the coach, face to face or via video call, to make a first assessment.
  • Setup fee: ¥ 5000

If you are "self directed" and willing to adjust independently your schedule, do not need strength training coaching, this is for you. This path is great for those who wish to have the best of both world: self coaching and being coached!


¥15,900 / Month + Tax

  • One on one coaching plan for Runners, individualized to fit each athlete's level, personality, schedule.
  • Weekly running schedule, progression based on the previous week
  • Running specific strength training, nutrition advice, race strategy, race planning and much more.
  • Running form analysis and correction if necessary.
  • Weekly schedule is adjustable indefinitely if necessary (in case of of interruptions such as travel, work, family etc)
  • Injury prevention and schedule adjustment with cross training in case you start to feel an injury.
  • Unlimited access to the coach, anytime (chat, phone, email etc)
  • Initial consultation with the coach, face to face or via video call, to make a first assessment.
  • In other words, in terms of training, you have zero guess work.
  • Setup fee: ¥ 5000

This is complete guidance through your training journey. Whether you are a total newbie or a veteran, not only will you get mental, mind support, you will be able to learn how to train. 

The X factor

No, we're not talking about the TV show. We're talking about what makes us different. Imagine you have finally decided to join your first Yoga class. As you have no background whatsoever, you are pretty nervous. You start thinking that you will look ridiculous, that everyone will look like a pro compared to you and that the teacher will have no time to look after you. You enter the class and then you realize that.... you are the only one student in the room, and the instructor is right there just for you. How good or bad you were is now irrelevant. This is how we want each athlete to feel: Like in Yoga class with only the instructor and yourself, you have your personal running coach

But what if....

...the training is too hard?

As opposed to a training plan you follow where you have to adapt to the plan, in Saiyanfit we adapt to you. In other words the training difficulty is very incremental and depends only on your own progression. Of course, ultimately the goal is to go beyond your comfort zone. But the difficulty will never change drastically. If you were playing a 20 levels game, and were on level 11, we would take you to level 12 first, not level 20.  We believe in small changes and progression over time. 

...I don't have time to do my training schedule ?

As the training is scheduled weekly and discussion with the coach done on a regular basis, we adapt the schedule to your time available for training. We take into account your life obligations, unplanned or planned interruptions such as family, work, travel etc. To do so, the plan can be adjusted as many times as necessary.

... I get injured ?

Actually, our priority is not your performance. Our priority is that your health, training efficiently and especially healthily. Although there is no such thing as 100% injury free training, by having a good strength training routine, nutrition and injury prevention protocols we will minimize the risk of injury. 

If an injury happens, we will work on a cross training protocol in order to maintain fitness level while the injury is healing.

... I'm not sure my goals and priorities are well understood ?

The purpose of the first meeting and conversation is for us to understand what you want, how serious you are in training and how important is running in your life. Each person is unique and have different view about the sport. Athlete A who needs coaching  to finish a race and athlete B who wants to run under a qualifying time will have their training treated differently. EACH ATHLETE is UNIQUE and TREATED WITH THE GREATEST ATTENTION

... See what our runners are saying HERE

Vibranium Shields ... aka Guarantees

The "Moonwalk away guarantee"

  • After the initial consultation, if you feel that our coaching style is not for you, we will refund the ¥5000 set up fee.
  • After the first month, if you decide this is not for you, we will refund you that first month fee.
  • From the first month onwards, there is no commitment, you can decide to stop whenever you feel like.

The "Ask any Padawan guarantee"

You are free to ask in list of former and current athletes we are coaching / have coached, what they think about us. We do not assign who you talk to, you can pick anyone from that list ( yes they are real people, not paid actors ;-) )